Hansson & Russberg



We at Hansson & Russberg are very proud of our production.


Through years of experience and constant lean production, we have managed to build a working environment that can be likened to a production line where all the waiting times have been reduced and quality increased.


Below is a brief guide of how our production looks like.

The first step of our manufacturing process is the sawing of materials.


To ensure a safe and reliable delivery to our customers, we have two saws. A saw with manual feed and a more modern saw with a automatic board feeder.

When the material received correct format it is sent to our cnc milling cutter where the material is shaped and drilled.

After milling and drilling, it is time for edge banding. Pieces that are straight edged in our automatic edging machine while the round and curved pieces are sent to our semi-automatic edgeing machine.

In our painting booth all work with painting, bonding and composite are done.

Then it's time for the assembly to take over. There is all the pieces assembled into finished products, and packed for delivery to the customer.