Hansson & Russberg


Not the biggest, just the best!


We at Hansson & Russberg has since 1994 been working with design and manufacture of shop interiors. Our ambition has never been to be the biggest, but just to make the best interiors for such a low price as possible. The customer's wish has always been in focus for us!





Neat and stable!


On Hansson & Russberg we consider that a store interior will last for many years. In order to ensure this, it requires highly trained professionals and a carefully chosen materials. If you buy a product from us and we promise that it is made with both the latest technology and love

to craftsmanship.









For us at Hansson & Russberg the environment is important and always in focus. Clean and nice working environment, short delivery and collaboration with other local producers guarantees as minimal environmental impact as possible. In our paintbox we use the most environmentally friendly and the preferred and recommended lacquers and stains in the market.









In order to maintain as high a quality as possible for our products requires regular training in most areas. We strongly believe in the promotion of personal development and therefore conducts regular new training programs in areas such as Lean productions, drawing teaching, engineering, etc. To ensure continued staff access, we are implementing together with Uddevalla secondary school education where students have the opportunity to learn the profession from the ground up based on a curriculum.